Ahh! The famous Indian festival Karwa Chauth, yes the one in which a woman or a wife fasts for the whole day and pray for the long life of her husband. It is indeed a popular festival in North India.

Women celebrate the festival out of love for their better halves, but there has been a never-ending debate about the logic behind it. How can be hungry increase someone’s life? Ya, that is true!

Even though the festival has a lot of question marks attached to it, Twitter’s “MrsFunnyBones”  AKA Twinkle Khanna who is known for her sarcasm and is quite famous on Twitter for her great sense of humor.

And this time too, she nailed it and chose to shut the debate and all the worthless logic with just a few tweets.

Let’s see what she tweeted,

And when this response came on her tweet,

She further came back with a reply that everybody has to remain shut now. She  tweeted,

Now, that’s a great thing to know. Did you know that 100 countries record before?

Well, theirs is no logic behind this Karwa Chauth, though people do it out of love.

After all, there’s no harm in fasting for a day, only out of love for your partner.

And men should also keep this fast right? Women too have the right to live longer just like their husbands, isn’t that?

What do you think about this festival? Logical or not? Lets us know if you stand “for” the topic or “against” it!!