The New York Public Library is the second largest public Library in United Sates and fourth largest in the world. The independently managed Non-Profit Organization, The New York Public Library has 87 branches. The branches are spread across Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island. It has been always in news because of the 53 millions of books that it possesses proudly inside it.

However, recently the news that was in the air regarding the fourth largest Library was something different. Reportedly the New York Public Library was under renovation for some repairs and a new look. The Rose Main’s Reading room was the prime focus and was revealed recently in its new look. After the work was done the task of setting more than 52000 tomes in the room was a task for the employees. The pressure making the room all set fast for the revelation was building in and the employees were nothing but stressed.

The Library management launched a video of the employees restocking the books and it is a worth watch. The empty room with large shelves itself is a great sight. The hard work done by the employees for segregation, stocking the books on the shelves was a great sight.

The video was watched by many people over the internet and the employees got praise for their effort giving. The place also earned admiration as the architectural structure was indeed a beautiful sight when empty.

The “Town & Country” describes the video as the best ever seen and also “Strangely Soothing”. The whole video is fascinating and commendable.

The foundation of the New York Public Library was laid back in 1870 as Astor Library but the books were not open for circulation. Later in 1872 the library was quoted as “major reference and research resource and soon the circulation has started the circulation as well.