Apprehensive about daily intake of calories? Sometimes it even goes till frantic search for the ways to lose weight, but every effort seems to be in vain. Right?  You are generally given a  sort of advice as of watch what you eat, watch your figure, go on a crash diet, count the calories, you are what you eat etc. Here we are providing you something interesting out of the latest study on weight loss advice that may make things a bit easy for you than counting calories, hitting the gym, etc.


It is indeed true that our friends have a bigger impact on body shape than we think. Research proved that people in their social circle find it easy to lose weight as they act as a catalyst in motivating them. The first thing is that a person gets conscious about his looks when sitting with thinner people, so they feel motivated to be like them. When habitual of eating and living with them, then subconsciously a person starts eating less and exercising more. It is truly said,‘association inevitably breeds affinity.’

Moreover, though following their lifestyle, you must also include more amount of water, enough sleep and do not forget to track yourself through weighing scale and take more and more selfies especially with your slim buddies. Yes, a selfie is a great way-out found that helps you to drop a size. Compare your old selfies with the recent ones’. It will surely help you get rid of ‘ Eat This, Not that.’


On the whole, it is indeed a true proverb that birds of a feather flock together and it is actually worthwhile to share same habits with thin people. You must give it a shot and try to append more of slim persons in your social lives. It would surely help you whip into shape. Indulge and enjoy.