Teachers play a crucial in our lives. They teach us each and everything. This is what the actors of the B-Town did when they enacted as a teacher in some of their Bollywood films. Though, analyzing a teacher in this light is a tough task still we wish to dare. Some popular names that impressed us while acting as teachers include Shahrukh khan, Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan and  more.  Let’s have a look together how they become our favorite teachers:

1.Shah Rukh Khan


Now there won’t be any girl who didn’t fall in love with the charming Raj Aryan from “Mohabbatein”. The sober, calm yet cheerful teacher was a perfectly eligible bachelor. He was the perfect teachers making his students smile and helping them n their personal problems. The smile of this handsome teacher was enough to make any girl’s heart skip a heartbeat.

2.Kareen Kapoor

Kareen Kapoor

You remember the glamorous Kareena Kapoor from the movie Kurbaan. She played as a college professor. While she was a simple and strict teacher in the classroom she was the just opposite outside with his colleague Saif Ali Khan. They got all dirty in the picture offering us some things to fantasies.

3.Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Akshay was the hidden superhero who used to teach for his undercover. The handsome & inked muscular Akshay was an ideal teacher for the girls and boys. While he made us courageous with his body show at the same time he filled us with emotions with the lack of money to pay his daughter’s hospital bills.

4.Chitrangada Singh

Chitrangada Singh

She might be the hottest teacher ever seen. Teaching Macroeconomics in Desi Boyz, She made every desi boy go crazy about her. Her sexy glasses were so hot that the eye makeup might have to ask for an excuse.

5.Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen

Does the lady need any introduction? She was insanely sexy in her role as a college professor in Main Hoon Na. Her super sexy figure was accentuated with the gorgeous georgette sarees and the slip of her pallu… oh, my god!!!!

So now it is your turn to tell Who Was The Sexiest Of All?