“Embarrassment, pain, harassment, time waste”, this is what Om Shanti Om star, Shah Rukh Khan felt when he was detained at the Los Angeles airport recently. The news broke in with his disturbing tweet that mentioned that US immigration authorities at Los Angeles airport detained him again. This is not the first time he had been treated like this at Los Angeles International Airport.

Explaining his pain he said, “I fully respect the security with the world is, but to be detailed at US immigration at every damn time really really sucks, “ on Twitter.


Shah Rukh Khan needs no introduction and even at the age of 50, he remains a dominant force in Bollywood. His popularity has no boundaries. But despite knowing his stardom, popularity, Shah Rukh has to go through this painful experience.

Mr. Khan has been held back at the New York and New Jersey airports before. In 2009, the actor was stopped at the Newark airport because his name came up on a computer alert list. Later in April 2012, he was held back at the airport in New York on a visit to address students at Yale University. Interestingly, during his lecture at Yale University, he took a witty dig on the incident and said that whenever I start feeling too arrogant about myself, I always take a trip to America.

As the incident has become the part of mainstream media coverage, America’s envoy to India tweeted an apology later, commenting that he was “not expecting to be above protocol.

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Waris Ahluwalia, Sikh Indian-American actor and designers was also barred from boarding an Aeromexico flight from Mexico City to New York in February because he refused to remove his turban.

It seems that it has become a habit these days to first detain and then apologize.