McDonalds indeed is that one name that defines Fast Food all across the world. With many successful branches serving the best fast food, it has made a recorded history. Ray Kroc is who founded the McDonald’s Corporation. Then how come the name McDonald comes in the association??

The story is of the particular phenomenon where some people bring in the idea of something and a brilliant mind devised the plan to sell it to the masses.  Ray Croc is associated with the later part of the story. Krock was employed as a milkshake salesman in 1950s and one of his clients run a food chain in Southern California. The McDonald brothers were set as movers for various movie studios. The dad of the family Patrick McDonald’s started a hamburger and hot dogs stand in the 1937 and this is where the business incepted.

In 1940 the brothers started McDonald’s barbecue drive-in. They came up with many innovative ideas to boost up their business and till 1954 they had 9 outlets and 21 franchises. They focused on the later business rather than making it a Brand Name.


This was the time when Ray Kroc knocked their door and with his experience in the restaurant industry he offered a deal to the McDonald’s brothers. Due to not having a good franchising agent with them, the McDonald’s brothers accepted the deal and this is when the foundation of the McDonald’s Corporation was laid in 15 of April 1955.

Later Kroc bought the business from the McDonald’s brother in 2.7 million dollars with an assurance of the same named and continuous royalty. From here onwards Kroc implemented his innovative expansion ideas and what it did to the brand is the lip smacking taste you can feel reading this article.

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