Recently a Charity event, ‘Humanity United Against Terror’ was organized by the Hindu Coalition in New Jersy where Donald Trump was invited as a chief Guest. The whole event was to support victims of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, India and anywhere in the subcontinent.

Many Celebrities from Indian Film Industry, like Prabhu Deva, Shriya Saran, and Malaika Arora Khan had performed. But there are many more things which draw the attention of onlookers. Let’s have a look at those

1.Poster of Trump was photoshopped on BJP’s Official Part symbol, Lotus

2. Many Banners has text written as “Trump For Faster Green Cards” was to woo the NRI crowd. It clearly showed that Trump would help in the faster processing of the Green Cards for NRI.

3. Fliers which have Sonia Gandhi and Hillary Clinton depicted as evils and image of Modi with the text written as “Hillary Clinton behind ‘Get Modi Plan'”

4. Bones of dead cattle was also featured during the event.

5.There were many who were not supporting Trump as a president were protesting outside the venue before that event starts time.

6. The one performance that was the highlight of the show was the one in which Indian dancers were attacked by lightsaber-y guns by terrorists, and US Army was shown saving them.

7. Everything was done following Hindu rituals even The man of the honor walked to the stage and lit the diyas to inaugurate the ceremony.

Donald Trump

8. He tried to lure Indian/Hindu by started his speech by proclaiming, “I am a big fan of Hindu, and I am a big fan of India.”


9. The biggest goof up was when he said,“For all of the people in Mumbai, the attack on the parliament was outrageous and terrible. We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism.” He shifted the Indian parliament to Mumbai and mixed up two attacks.