Dipa Karmakar, one of the golden girls of India is indeed a celebrity in the nation with many fans chasing her stardom. Her outstanding performance made her a heartthrob and oodles of love and fan following is what she has reaped through it.

But like every common man the Gymnast has her own likings. In fact, she is a diehard fan of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, the Shenshah of Bollywood. And what happens when a fan meets his favorite star? Yes, Loads and loads of excitement.  The true example of this was seen when Dipa got a chance to meet her favorite star, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.


The experience was one of her lifetimes as the grin on the face of 23 year old Indian gymnast, the first female to qualify for the finals of the Gymnast Event in the Olympics was something to be seen. Though, the gymnast missed the bronze by pennies the fan following of her increased by each passing day.

Big B was one of the sad persons when she lost her medal in the Olympics. The meeting was a dream come true for the young lady and both Dipa and Big B were equally excited in each other’s presence. After all, both are the best in their respective fields and fans of each other.

Dipa is presently working hard to perform better in the upcoming events, whereas Amitabh Bachchan is busy with his movies schedules. Indeed the meeting with Mr. Bachchan would have boosted the spirits of Dipa and given her more motivation for hard work.

She was pleasured to the maximum and the best part has she expressed her excitement with a beautiful smile which was indeed a fans smile meeting the superstar of the millennium. Big B was also seen enjoying her company.

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