Recently a new ad was launched that showed M. S. Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane wearing the jersey that bears the name of their mothers; Devki, Saroj, and Sujata respectively.

They were not wearing their usual jerseys with their surnames. When asked why he is wearing his mother’s name on his T-shirt, Mr. M. S. Dhoni, the great captain of the Indian Cricket team replied in a gentle way- “Main itne saal se apne pita ka naam pehen raha tha, tab toh aapne nahi poocha – ‘koi khaas wajah?”.

The advertisement was broadcasted by Star Plus to imbibe the feeling of “Nayi Soch” in the common man. A mother plays a great role in making her child what he/she is in the present so why to give all the credits to the dads. It is just the right time to show the world who is the mother of a star.  

Here is the campaign:

“Main itne saal se apne pita ka naam pehen raha tha, tab toh aapne nahi poocha – ‘koi khaas wajah?”- MS Dhoni

“Main jitna Kohli hoon, utna Saroj bhi toh hu.” – Virat Kohli

“Log kehte hai, baap na roshan karo. Magar mere liye maa ka naam roshan karna bhi utna hi important hai.” – Ajinkya Rahane

Great thought that has come at the right time to provoke the masses. At the time when India is high of the spirit of feminism and equality for men and women, this ad has come up as a great influence for all. When the icons of the Country initiate any such step the chances of the people following them increases and the impact are something worth watching. Thanks, Dhoni, Virat and Rahane aka Devki, Saroj, and Sujata for making us proud, off the ground as well. #My Mother # My Pride

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