Talent can be found anywhere and in any age. This li’l champ Nihal Raj has proved it. Just at a little beneath four years old, he started executing little formulas to throw together cookery joys. Very little later, the youthful cook developed as an online networking superstar.


What’s more, by Friday, the six-year old’s issue with cooking had given him an essence of Hollywood distinction as his ability found a universal stage on US TV host Ellen DeGeneres. On the appear, the little kid from Kochi demonstrated to Ellen generally accepted methods to make “puttu” — a customary Kerala breakfast of steamed barrels of ground rice layered with coconut.

“I needed to make puttu, which I have done before,” says Kicha, who likewise instructed Ellen to maintain ‘puttu kutti’, the vessel in which the dish is steamed.

“Kicha has constantly cherished watching me prepare, and would ask me whether he could offer assistance. So I would give him little formulas which he could take after,” says his mom Ruby Rajagopal, an instructor turned-home bread cook. Nina demanded that his dad Rajagopal V Krishnan makes a video of him making popsicles and post it on Facebook.

“That got awesome input from companions,” says Ruby. Kicha has his own particular cooking channel on YouTube — KichaTube HD, where he exhibits how to make everything from delicate coconut payasam to bread pizza. Propelled two years prior, the channel now has more than 4,000 supporters.


“I give him exceptionally kid-accommodating formulas — no cutting, slashing or cooking over flame. On the off chance that any cleaning is included, he specifies in the video that I helped him,” says Ruby.

At the point when Facebook procured the rights for his ‘Mickey Mouse Mango dessert’ video for approx Rs 1.34 lakh, worldwide consideration took after.

Before long, Nihal got a welcome from Ellen. The family traveled to the US on September 19 for the appear, which was disclosed in the US on Friday.